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Friday, November 16, 2007


So Christmas is coming up, as is my birthday, and I know you are all dying to know what I want. So here's my list.

First, my amazon wishlist.
My Wish List
There are 2 magazine subscriptions on there, but they are probably not the best idea since we will be moving in Jan. Otherwise it's lots of books, mostly craft related, and a few cds. An amazon giftcard would be fine too, if you don't know which to choose.

Next are just going to be some random links of things online that I like.

A few Sublime Stitching embroidery patterns; Krazy Kitchen, Kurt Halsey, and Winterland.

A couple of things from delias; "Sew in Love" tshirt (size small), Apple pj pants (size small), and Gavin hoodie sweater (brown, size medium).

Some taller tabi socks, black and/or white in medium.

These candy wall decals, from FredFlare, they would be cute on my soon to be craft room wall.

This awesome tshirt, "Crochet is the New Black" in black, size small.

The rest of these items are all from sellers on
Blackbird on pink pendant, little robot pendant, paranoid android pendant, and the sweet peach pendant all by imogen.
Lavender sewing machine pendant by thirtydash9.
Dynamic duo pin set, how perfect is that, by buttonempire.
Sew A GoGo shirt, long sleeve in red size medium by MoxieMadness.
I love all the kitchen towels by PataPri.
And because I love yummy baked goods, Christina Marie Designs; the peanut butter whoopie pies, candy cane marshmallows (so good in hot cocoa), marshmallow surpise, and the cinnamon-sugar pillows look especially delicious.

I also enjoy Joann's giftcards, as well as Target, Gap, and Old Navy gift cards.
I need a new planner (for 2008), 2 would be good, one small enough to go in my bag, and one normal sized one for staying on my desk. I like pinks, as well and blues/greens, polka dots make me happy, stripes are nice too.
One can never have too much fabric or yarn, so either of those would be nice too.
I think that's everything.
Hooray for birthdays and Christmas.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Items since July 2006 post

So as promised, I am back to update with the items I have been busy making instead of updating this thing since the July 2006 post. I decided the easiset way to do it is to set up a flickr account and just link to the different sets. So I took a few days to get everything (well, everything I could find pictures for) uploaded and into sets, and here it is.
We'll start with costumes I made for us for Halloween 2006 for a party we attended,
Some swap items from 2006,
Most of the Christmas gifts I made/gave Christmas 2006 (there were a few I forgot to take pictures of,
Some stenciled photo tshirts (most of these are actually older (I have a listing for your very own just like it in my etsy shop),
That's everything for 2006. After I finished the Christmas gifts I packed up all my craft stuff for our move in Feb. this year. So everything else is since we moved into the new apartment.

More swap goodies,
Bags, wallets, our awesome weekend bag with matching pouches, etc...
"Housewares" (mostly pillowcases for Q's toddler pillow),
Stuff I've made for my store (not everything, just newer items, mostly what I made for the craft fair)

So that's everything (well, except all the stuff in that big bag I posted in the previous post, though there is a set for the Christmas gifts I have completed, if you really want to ruin the surprise), I think. It's enough either way. All the pictures have descriptions, but if you have any questions about anything, or want to see more pictures of any items, just ask.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Updating old posts and such

I just finished reuploading any old pictures that weren't working anymore, so all the pictures show up. I am really surprised how much better I have gotten at my crafting since posting those items. I am almost embarassed by them now, but hey, you have to start somewhere, and that's my somewhere of starting.

I hope to get around to posting my older projects, anything between the last post before I started posting stuff about my store, and now (minus the crochet stuff, since I already posted that), but it's over a years worth of stuff, and I have been a BUSY BUSY crafter, so it's A LOT. So keep an eye out for the old but not really old and also new stuff that I will be posting!

Just to give you an idea of my busybee-ness, here's the bag of goodies I have already made for Christmas gifts this year (I started in August, but got sidetracked from it with birthday gifts, a craft fair, and other random crafting that I sneak into my schedule).

Boy that's a BIG bag of stuff.

Saturday, November 03, 2007

Here are a couple other crochet projects I have made in the past few months (since really getting into and actually learning it properly, in April).

Market Bag (this thing is HUGE) (it was my first REAL FO, that turned out usable)

Cupcake (it's tiny!)

Bowl (using fabric scrap strips for yarn)

Scarf (I know, it's just part of it, but the whole picture wasn't very good, didn't show the stitches, which are the coolest part, they imitate the dropped stitch look in knitting)

A panta/headband

Atashi (from a pattern I bought on etsy, she's a character from an anime)

Green Eggs and Ham (a gift for a friend who teachers first grade)

Slippers for Q.

A pumpkin.

A hat for Quentin

I joined a Crocheted Dishcloth/Washcloth Challenge on in August, the goal was to crochet 50 dishcloths or washcloths by the end of the year. Since I started crocheting in April and had been wanting to get into it more, I decided this would be a good way to get better, lots of practice, and lots of new stitches to learn. It was a lot of fun and became very addictive. I managed to get all my cloths done between August 6th and October 31st. So a little less than 3 months. So far I am the first to finish (I really must not have a life, haha). But anyhow, here are all my cloths, in all their colorful glory. Enjoy!

I am trying to keep up with this blog now, so I can showcase my crafts more for my family, since they are always curious what I am working on. I also want to go back and try to get some older crafts posted, so keep an eye out.