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Sunday, January 24, 2010


Had a very productive week! Spent most of my time sewing baby clothes, mostly dresses, nothing cuter than tiny clothes!

But I will start off with the other projects I finished up.

First up is a scarf I started last Spring (think April 2009)... it's a crocheted scarf using a mesh stitch that I found in a stitch dictionary... using a 100% cotton (mercerized) yarn.

Next is a hand embroidered tote, with a cute little owl (from a vintage pattern) on it. Q wants me to make him a shirt with this owl on it now, so keep an eye out for that in the future.

And now for the baby clothes!! YAY!
Group shot of all of the stuff for Baby Girl...

I actually made 2 of these cute kimono wrap tops (size 0-6 mos) (using the free pattern from the Habitual blog

A pink UGA skirt (6 mos sized) with an elastic waist.

The first dress has the cutest little pintucks on the top, I switch the buttons for snaps because I thought snaps would be more comfortable (and easier for me, haha). Made using Simplicity pattern #3808 in 0-3 mos (XS) size (I actually used the M size length for it, since technically it's supposed to be a top and I wanted it to be a dress)

The next one is a "Betsy" dress by OwlyBaby on etsy. It's a pillowcase style dress, so cute! I love this owl fabric (thanks, Aimee!) and this one is a 6 mos size, but will grow with her, which is awesome).

And last up is this cute little jumper, made using McCall's pattern #3598 in the 12 mos (1) size. I love the little elastic detailing at the underarms. Also replaced the buttons with snaps (I wish I had covered the snaps, but oh well) and all seams on this one are top-stitched, I think it adds a little something.

Keep an eye out for more dresses in the future... my goal is to get 2 dresses in each size (from 0-3 mos to 12 mos... so 0-3mos, 6mos, 9mos, and 12mos) made before she's born. YAY!

Sunday, January 17, 2010


I know it's been over a week since my last update, but that doesn't mean I haven't been busy... I have just been working on more time consuming projects (and some that are just plain boring to sew, so I end up taking lots of breaks). Let just get right into it.

First up, some hand embroidered tea towels, I bought a bunch of tea towels on sale ages ago and these were the last 2 I had. One has a kitchen theme and the other is a spinning wheel.

And a few stenciled items, a tote, a onesie, and a toddler hoodie (it's actually an appliqued stencil).

A naugahyde dachshund shaped purse (this is the last of these I will make, I am so sick of them after having made somewhere between 15-20 of them since October...), this one is a little different that the other ones I made though, I added a little polyfil to the legs, head/neck, and such, to give it a little more dimension and see if it wouldn't bend so much, I really like how it turned out (I kind of wish I had done them all this way). He's WAY bigger than he looks, 12in tall and almost 22in long... and there is a lined zipper pouch inside.

And then comes those blasted zipper pouches... I cut them out back over the summer... and they have been sitting in a box since then... they are quick projects but they are soooo boring to sew, so I do them in steps and take lots of breaks, and it ends up dragging out to much longer than it should. But now they are done! All 12 of them! Finally!

And last but not least... I consider food to be crafty as well... so I am including the cake I made for my FIL's birthday. He requested a German Chocolate Cake, so that's what I made, all from scratch (I don't use boxed mixes, yuck). I consider this cake a double success, not only was it quite tasty, but it illustrated just how far my baking has come since I got married. I made the same cake for my husband's first married birthday... it was edible, but I won't say there weren't scrambled eggs in the topping/filling... haha.

Wednesday, January 06, 2010


Yay, I am still motivated and staying on task... marking lots of things off my to do list!
Here's what I have managed to complete since my last post (on the 2nd)...

Two wallets (from the Favorite Things "A Safe Place" pattern)... I LOVE this pattern, it's the perfect sized wallet, holds everything you could possibly need (it has 12 card slots, 2 open pockets behind the card slots, a zipper pocket and a snap/velcro pocket).
The first is for a custom request

The second was because I had a few extra pieces in the orange cut out that I didn't want to waste, haha.

Next up is 3 fabric covers for binders (just like the fabric cover I made for the photo album)... I have had these binders in my stash for ages, waiting around to be covered like this... they will be used for storing patterns I have printed off the internet that are just sitting in a box atm.

Then we have a Halloween Trick or Treat tote bag (I made a bunch of these the Halloween before last, this was the last one, I didn't have any straps for some reason, so I made some cute ribbons ones for it (quick and dirty). I will be saving it for BabyGirl, so she has a matching Trick or Treat bag, just like Q.

And now another burp and onesie set... found the applique for the onesie in a drawer, ready to be ironed-on, so I whipped up another burp cloth to pair it with and they will be going into my etsy with the others.

And lastly we have something that isn't sewn! WHAT?!?! This is an upcycled project, using the bottom from a springform pan that the non-stick coating was rubbing off of, some cardstock/scrapbook & clear contact paper, a d-ring and some glue. This is the second one I have made and LOVE them... I keep waiting for one of my baking sheets to get ruined so I can make a big one, haha.

Saturday, January 02, 2010


It's only the 2nd and I have already been quite productive!
Here are a few things I have been working on for the past 2 days, quick and dirty projects are the best.

I have a HUGE amount of blank onesies in my stash (lots of sizes and several different colors, all bought ages ago to be stenciled/appliqued for my etsy shop), I am hoping to get them all used up, either for stocking my etsy shop or for clothing my new baby girl.

So first up, here are 2 appliqued onesies for the little lady (who is currently trying to punch her way out of me)... a UNC Tarheels one and a cute pink owl one (I have been hoarding that fabric in hopes that one day I would have a little girl or at the very least a niece)

I also made a set with a matching onesie and tshirt for Q and his new baby sister to show their UGA love...

While I was making these I figured I should make a set of each team for my etsy shop, so I appliqued onesies with the UNC fabric and the UGA fabric and made a matching burp cloth to go with them...

Next up, I came across a less than attractive photo album in my stash that hadn't ever been used, so I made a fabric cover for it (I have a few 3 ring binders that I will also be making covers for, then I will use them to store patterns I have printed off the internet that are currently just taking up space in a box), I am going to send it to my dad (since I didn't make him anything for Christmas). Obviously he's an UGA fan, haha.

This next one was for a custom request. I also have a MASSIVE amount of naugahyde in my stash that I got for free that I have been trying to use up. This is a cloud shaped zipper pouch for a fellow STSer (crafster swapper).

And last up for today, while I was digging through my stash I found a half cut-out singlet style grocery tote (think plastic shopping bag, but made out of fabric). I had the outer fabric already to go and then I came across some plain orange fabric that matched perfectly, yay for finishing up previously started projects (who knows how long this bag had been waiting to finally be finished, possibly since before we moved back to NC, almost 2 years ago).

Getting Crafty in 2010!

Happy New Year!
In an effort to be more productive and to get my craft space organized before the arrival of Q's baby sister (in April) I am reviving ye ol' blog in order to keep track of what I am getting accomplished.
I got started the week after Christmas (woohoo for a jumpstart on the New Year) by destashing a TON of craft supplies, mostly fabric. I sent around 5 big garbage bags of fabric and 1 of random other craft supplies (including some yarn) to the thrift store and my mom took another bag of each for herself. Lots of stuff gone, though it still doesn't really feel like it, still working on getting everthing that's left organized and in it's proper place. While going through everything I did come across a large pile of half made items (mostly things that I cut out but never got around to sewing), so I have added them to my to do list in an effort to get them made and either swapped or in my etsy shop (that's another goal, restock my etsy shop, haha).
So I will be back to post things as I make them, hopefully every few days, so it doesn't get too overwhelming... I have a stack of 10 items that I have made so far this year (yes, since yesterday), so be on the lookout either tonight or tomorrow for a new post full of goodies!
Here's to being productive, at least for these first few months (I know things will be crazy with a newborn in the house in addition to the madness of having a 4 year old)!