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Sunday, November 11, 2007

Items since July 2006 post

So as promised, I am back to update with the items I have been busy making instead of updating this thing since the July 2006 post. I decided the easiset way to do it is to set up a flickr account and just link to the different sets. So I took a few days to get everything (well, everything I could find pictures for) uploaded and into sets, and here it is.
We'll start with costumes I made for us for Halloween 2006 for a party we attended,
Some swap items from 2006,
Most of the Christmas gifts I made/gave Christmas 2006 (there were a few I forgot to take pictures of,
Some stenciled photo tshirts (most of these are actually older (I have a listing for your very own just like it in my etsy shop),
That's everything for 2006. After I finished the Christmas gifts I packed up all my craft stuff for our move in Feb. this year. So everything else is since we moved into the new apartment.

More swap goodies,
Bags, wallets, our awesome weekend bag with matching pouches, etc...
"Housewares" (mostly pillowcases for Q's toddler pillow),
Stuff I've made for my store (not everything, just newer items, mostly what I made for the craft fair)

So that's everything (well, except all the stuff in that big bag I posted in the previous post, though there is a set for the Christmas gifts I have completed, if you really want to ruin the surprise), I think. It's enough either way. All the pictures have descriptions, but if you have any questions about anything, or want to see more pictures of any items, just ask.


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