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Saturday, November 03, 2007

I joined a Crocheted Dishcloth/Washcloth Challenge on in August, the goal was to crochet 50 dishcloths or washcloths by the end of the year. Since I started crocheting in April and had been wanting to get into it more, I decided this would be a good way to get better, lots of practice, and lots of new stitches to learn. It was a lot of fun and became very addictive. I managed to get all my cloths done between August 6th and October 31st. So a little less than 3 months. So far I am the first to finish (I really must not have a life, haha). But anyhow, here are all my cloths, in all their colorful glory. Enjoy!

I am trying to keep up with this blog now, so I can showcase my crafts more for my family, since they are always curious what I am working on. I also want to go back and try to get some older crafts posted, so keep an eye out.


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