crafting by amy

Friday, January 27, 2006


this is my first attempt at anything this involved, and i'm really impressed with how well it came out. i used this fantastic tutorial, i wasn't brave enough to add the outer zipper pocket and i had to make the binding around the edges myself so it's not exactly even all the way around, also i addded the velcro just to be sure my cards didn't fall out the side. i'm going to buy some really cute fabric and some pre made binding this weekend and give it another go.

Monday, January 23, 2006

my new diaper bag and a baby hat

I had been carrying around the little black diaper bag the hospital gave us, since we brought Quentin home. It was just too small now and I wanted something with a little more color. So while at Target I found 2 laundry tote bags in the dollar bins and decided to make them into 1 reversible tote. So I sewed the one tote inside out into the other tote and then added some little heart shaped buttons in coordinating colors. I also needed some little bags to go inside to hold stuff (since there would only be one pocket inside), so I used this tutorial () and made a matching blue pouch to keep baby stuff in and a pink one to keep stuff for me in. The blue one I made from baby washclothes and a waffle weave clothe diaper for the linig, and the pink one from a terry jumpsuit thing that I had that didn't fit me anymore and a plain white tshirt for lining. I'm very pleased.

I also made a little fleece hat for Quentin, I used a hat that I had from ages ago that was coming apart at the seams and this pattern ( I accidently sewed the bottom band onto the outside inside of inside so that seam is showing, but it still looks cute on him.

Thursday, January 19, 2006

recent creations

This is skirt I made from a pair of my husbands old sweatpants. It's so comfortable, and it even has a cute little heart that I added from a leftover piece of fabric. I hadn't attached it when I took the picture, it's on the upper left hip.

The woven magazine purse and journal that I made.

And a magazine bowl.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Dreaming of a Felt Christmas

These are some Christmas gifts that I made for people this year, I went felt crazy, it was loads of fun.

Adorable small felt stuffed animals

The green pouch with the heart is a cell phone holder, the cupcake is actually a change purse, and the other 3 are clutches. I also made a pink polka dot cell phone holder, which I think came out best, but sadly I forgot to take a picture of it.

These are all badges/buttons/pins, whatever you want to call them, they all have a pin back.

This is a Hello Kitty hoodie I made. It was just a plain white hoodie, but i attached stuffed felt kitty ears and a bow.

Another hoodie I made, the robot is on the back and the gears and such are on the front pocket.

baby crafting

these are a few onesies that i stitched while i was pregnant for quentin

this is a kitty

this is a cute little duck

and this is cartoon conan o'brien

im looking forward to making some more things for him, i have some bibs to stitch on and im going to get some fleece to make a cute little bear hat for him