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Saturday, January 02, 2010

Getting Crafty in 2010!

Happy New Year!
In an effort to be more productive and to get my craft space organized before the arrival of Q's baby sister (in April) I am reviving ye ol' blog in order to keep track of what I am getting accomplished.
I got started the week after Christmas (woohoo for a jumpstart on the New Year) by destashing a TON of craft supplies, mostly fabric. I sent around 5 big garbage bags of fabric and 1 of random other craft supplies (including some yarn) to the thrift store and my mom took another bag of each for herself. Lots of stuff gone, though it still doesn't really feel like it, still working on getting everthing that's left organized and in it's proper place. While going through everything I did come across a large pile of half made items (mostly things that I cut out but never got around to sewing), so I have added them to my to do list in an effort to get them made and either swapped or in my etsy shop (that's another goal, restock my etsy shop, haha).
So I will be back to post things as I make them, hopefully every few days, so it doesn't get too overwhelming... I have a stack of 10 items that I have made so far this year (yes, since yesterday), so be on the lookout either tonight or tomorrow for a new post full of goodies!
Here's to being productive, at least for these first few months (I know things will be crazy with a newborn in the house in addition to the madness of having a 4 year old)!


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